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Rules for One Night Stands by Kendall Banks (13746 hits)

Rules for One Night Stands by Kendall Banks

So you’re at a social event such as a office party, bar, restaurant, or night on the town with the girls, and you meet that guy who sends chills through your spine. He’s s*xy, good-looking, and has the ultimate swagger. Every woman in the room notices him, but he has his heart set on you. What do you do next? You both play games with your eyes for moments until one of you get up the nerve to start the conversation. Before you know it, you’re giggling, and he’s laying all his game on the table, until hormones start raging. The next thing you know, you’re in bed. 

That’s the typical scenario of how ‘One Night Stands’ go. It’s weird because I often wonder what goes through a person’s mind prior to landing in bed. Right now I’m thinking; booty call, casual s*x, one-nighter, hit it and quit it, and lastly…MISTAKE. What good can come from casual s*x? Well, I mean other than one night of pleasure. 

I mean it sounds great; hooking up with someone for one night of s*x, no strings attached. Supposedly, you both walk away, never even thinking the relationship will go any where. But then there’s that one guy or girl who didn’t get the memo about how ‘One Night Stands’ operate, they simply don’t want to play by the rules. Then what do you do? They’re calling you. Blowing your phone up! Stalking you on FaceBook. Going back to the place where they initially met you, night after night, hoping to see you there again. You simply want to say, “Wham Bam, Thank you Ma’am. ’’ But you can’t. You feel obligated. Or maybe even want to hit it again. 

Whoaaaaa…now we’re really digging a hole for ourselves. So I ask, what are the dos and don’ts of ‘One Night Stands’? What are the rules? I’d like to hear from you. Hit me up on B. 

My latest novel titled, One Night Stand is due to be released in March, 2011 by Life Changing Books, and explores the gritty world of what happens when a supposedly One Night Stand goes sour. One party expects more… and will kill, or die trying to create the perfect relationship. 

About the Author
Kendall Banks, author of bestselling author of Rich Girls (2009) and the soon to be released One Night Stand March, 2011), is offering the reader a glimpse at the consequences of cheating. In addition, after reading One Night Stand  you’ll realize that sleeping with someone you don’t really know can have a life changing effect. Check out excerpts from her books on the publisher's website at:  

One Night Stand by Kendall Banks
ISBN-10: 193423026X 
ISBN-13: 978-1934230268 

Purchase today at LCB:

Purchase today at Amazon:

Posted By: EDC Creations
Monday, February 28th 2011 at 11:37AM
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